Wir machen eine Sommerpause! Vom 15. Juli bis und mit 1. August bleibt unser Unternehmen geschlossen. Ab Mittwoch, den 2. August sind wir wieder für Sie da.
We are taking a summer break! From 15 July to and including 1 August our company will be closed. From Wednesday, August 2, we are back for you.

Auctioning at Rapp Auctions: Easy & uncomplicated

Selling through auction is easy and straightforward. Thousands of customers from around the globe have benefited from this option over the past 50 years.


The team of competent and experienced experts at Rapp Auctions will assist you in selling your items – whether it is a collection, and inheritance or an individual piece. Avail yourself of Rapp Auctions’ global connections and consign your items now!

1. Appraisals & consult­ations
2. Consign­ment

3. Marketing & Auction

4. Payment of proceeds

 1. Appraisals & consultations
Rapp Auctions’ team of experts look forward to appraising and valuing your items or collections. Many years of profound market knowledge enable our specialists to point you directly to the most promising way of marketing your items through our international auctions. Contact us now to book a free consultation.

2. Consignments
Once you have decided to sell your items by auction, we will prepare a written contract stating the items for sale and the terms and conditions of the auction. We charge what we call an “all-inclusive commission”, which covers all of our services. Having been successful for many years, we are able to offer our customers attractive conditions.

3.  Marketing & Auction
A successful sale at auction depends on professional preparation and presentation during the auction. This means that all items are photographed by a professional photographer and presented in our luxurious auction catalogue (both printed and digital) along with a compelling description. Our auction catalogues are distributed across all corners of the world. What’s more, our selection can be viewed via various international auction platforms, reaching thousands of potential buyers. In the run-up to the auction, customers and prospects are sent newsletters and preview brochures, are invited to presentations and informed of the available selection via various social media channels. Our auctions are held from our own auction hall in our prestigious auction house and streamed online over the internet. Prior to an auction, all lots are open for viewing here at Rapp Auctions. The new Rapp Collectors Lounge has been created so that our customers from home and abroad enjoy visiting Rapp Auctions. This tasteful and luxurious environment for our auctions is key to presenting the items in the best possible light.

4. Payment of proceeds
Once your art objects have been sold, the proceeds will be paid out to you. This does not take more than six weeks after the auction. In the rare event that an item is not sold during the auction, it is likely to attract a buyer in the post-auction sale.

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A stamp or coin collection that has been built and maintained with much love, enthusiasm, time and financial expense deserves all conceivable securities and excellent proceeds. Putting your collection up for auction at Rapp Auctions will ensure just than.



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